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Madrak’s yearly constitutional

For the last tournament I played, I dropped three cabers (one per unit) and reduced the Krielstone to a minimum, in order to add Boomhowler the Destroyer. The battlegroup changed as well. A full grown bomber is added, in place of the Pyre Troll, and the Earthborn takes the place of the Brawler for a no knock-down approach on Madrak from turn to turn. As far as the bomber goes, blasts being a non-issue for the warriors, I wouldn’t worry about throwing a bomb at a warjack standing in front of a warrior.

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Moonshiners of the Apocalypse

The way this works, is there are 7 days before this balloon comes to collect the person with the most gold. That person gets to buy their way out of the plague infested mid-west America to a much better, plague-free zone like Mexico or Canada. Sounds to me like there should be a sequel in the making.

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