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Borka 1 vs Locke 1

Locke won’t tolerate failure. The Vindicator in the trench shoots Rok, weakening him. Her Toro pulls itself off the ground and charges Rok, killing the dire troll. Meanwhile, the other Toro rips apart the battle bears. The other Vindicator tries to hit the Scout, but the nimble warrior manages to duck under the mace. The Liberator whallops the whelp, splattering everyone in the trench with blue paste.

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Test Piece – Forgotten Power Junction

Today, I’m building a forgotten power junction belonging to the Convergence of Cyriss. In my head, this power junction was important to the cult of Cyriss prior to the Infernal invasion, or the Claiming, as it’s referred to in the Iron Kingdom RPG. Not every cell knew where every hidden asset was, so it seems to reason that there are a few of these forgotten resources hidden in mountains, valleys, or in deep, dark forests.

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